Bjørnar Vik

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Stabilization of casing-heading instability from gas-lift wells is important since it increases production and reduces operational problems. This thesis is a contribution within feedback control stabilization of gas-lift wells with casing-heading dynamics. The main advantage of stabilizing the gas-lift well by feedback control, compared to traditional(More)
This paper describes a semi-global exponentially stable output feedback control law for automatic heading control of ships described by a nonlinear model. Only compass yaw angle feedback is used. The yaw rate signal is reconstructed by a linear observer. A wave lter is included in the observer to reduce wear and tear on the rudder servo due to 1st-order(More)
BIOGRAPHIES Bjørnar Vik received his MSc degreee in Engineering Cybernetics from the Norwegian University of Technology and Science in 1994, and is currently pursuing his Ph.D. at the same university. His research interests include GPS and INS technology, nonlinear control theory especially within marine applications. where he is teaching ship and ROV(More)
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