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Software is developed for people and by people. Human and social factors have a very strong impact on the success of software development endeavours and the resulting system. Surprisingly, much of software engineering research in the last decade is technical, quantitative and deemphasizes the people aspect. The workshop on Human and Social Factors in(More)
The <i>CHASE 2008</i> workshop is concerned with exploring the cooperative and human aspects of software engineering, and providing a forum for discussing high-quality resarch. Accepted papers reflect the diversity of the field of software engineering--ranging from requirements to testing, and from ethnographic research to experiments. Moreover, the(More)
Keywords: System development IT operations Interplay Problems The Delphi method a b s t r a c t Context: The assumption of the presented work is that the ability of system developers and IT operations personnel to cooperate effectively in system development projects has great impact on the quality of the final system solution, as well as on the service(More)