Bjørn Richelsen

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The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of exercise training and diet-induced weight loss alone or in combination on inflammatory markers in circulation, in adipose tissue (AT) and in(More)
Obesity is associated with low-grade inflammation, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. This study investigated the effect of a 15-wk lifestyle intervention (hypocaloric(More)
UNLABELLED Human adipose tissue (AT) produces several adipokines including monocyte chemoattractant protein (MCP)-1, involved in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis. OBJECTIVE Human AT cultures,(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the effects of: I) short- (8 weeks), II) long-term (3 years) weight loss, and III) the degree of weight loss on circulating levels of adiponectin, high sensitive-C reactive(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the association between anthropometric and metabolic parameters as well as the effect of weight loss on plasma levels of the adipose tissue-derived cytokines interleukin-8 (IL-8),(More)