Bjørn H. Bakken

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OBJECTIVE In the present study we aimed to assess the reproducibility of skin microvascular reactivity while fast cooling locally with a custom-designed laser-Doppler flowmetry (LDF) probe. METHODS Twenty-two healthy volunteers underwent local 15 degrees C cooling on the forearm during 5 (protocol 1, n=12) or 30 min (protocol 2, n=10). Skin blood flow was(More)
There is currently a trend towards a more integrated energy industry. More knowledge and research on complex and integrated energy systems are needed. This paper presents three models which are either available or now under development. First the EMPS model designed for large-scale hydro-thermal power systems will be presented. The paper shows how a natural(More)
PURPOSE Renal autotransplantation is an infrequently performed procedure. It has been used to manage complex ureteral disease, vascular anomalies and chronic kidney pain. We reviewed our 27-year experience with this procedure. MATERIALS AND METHODS This is a retrospective, observational study of 51 consecutive patients who underwent renal(More)
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