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The paper discusses modeling and analysis of real-time systems subject to random time delays in the communication network. A new method for analysis of existing schemes is presented. The method is used to evaluate diierent suggested schemes from the literature. A new scheme for handling the random time delays is then developed and successfully compared with(More)
This paper gives an overview of diierent techniques for solving the dual control problem. The optimal solution can quite straightforwardly be characterized. The solution is, however, numerically demanding. A large number of suboptimal dual controllers have been developed over the years and the paper gives an overview and discussion of diierent approaches.(More)
All service control nodes, for example web sites or Mobile Switching Centers, can be modeled as server systems with one or more servers processing the incoming requests. To avoid overload at the service node different types of admission control mechanisms are usually implemented. In this paper we discuss, from a control point of view, the modeling of a(More)
Image registration of X-ray images is used to correctly align the patient before the cancer tumour is treated with sets of high dose X-ray radiation. Before the first treatment, a simulated X-ray image is taken showing the best possible localisation of the tumour. From then on, after each of the radiation treatments of the tumour, a low dose of the X-ray(More)