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The effects of physical and psychosocial work environment factors on emotions, psychosomatic and endocrine (cortisol and testosterone) states, back pain, symptoms of degenerative joint disease, and absenteeism for sickness, were studied in 147 men and 60 women in six occupations representing widely different physical and psychological activities. In most(More)
Graphic supervision of pregnancy by symphysisfundus (SF) tape measurement was introduced in an area of north Stockholm in 1972. Subsequently a considerable and persistent drop in perinatal mortality was seen. SF-tape measurements reflect the fetal growth and correlate well with fetal crown-rump length. Over a 2-year period SF-growth data were collected for(More)
BACKGROUND Systemic ketamine can trigger apoptosis in the brain of rodents and primates during susceptible developmental periods. Clinically, spinally administered ketamine may improve the duration or quality of analgesia in children. Ketamine-induced spinal cord toxicity has been reported in adult animals but has not been systematically studied in early(More)