Björn Thrandur Björnsson

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Fish larval development, not least the spectacular process of flatfish metamorphosis, appears to be under complex endocrine control, many aspects of which are still not fully elucidated. In order to(More)
Sex steroids are known to interfere with the parr-smolt transformation of anadromous salmonids, and environmental estrogens such as nonylphenol have recently been implicated in reduced returns of(More)
Leptin is a pleiotropic hormone and plays a key role in body weight regulation, energy homeostasis and lipid store utilization in mammals. In this study, we investigated the effect of(More)
Ghrelin, a peptide hormone which stimulates growth hormone (GH) release, appetite and adiposity in mammals, was recently identified in fish. In this study, the roles of ghrelin in regulating food(More)