Björn Sven Ivens

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Different theories make different assumptions about the mechanisms that govern economic transactions and there are several reviews that have summarized existing conceptual and empirical work associated with such frameworks as transaction cost analysis or agency theory. However, Macneil’s Relational Contracting Theory, another major theoretical foundation of(More)
In this paper, the authors analyze 91 key account relationships and 206 ordinary supplier–buyer dyads regarding differences in suppliers' relational behaviors and customers' perceptions of relationship quality (satisfaction, trust, and commitment). The results suggest that while – as compared to ordinary relationships – suppliers put significantly more(More)
Recent market studies reveal that augmented reality (AR) devices, such as smart glasses, will substantially influence the media landscape. Yet, little is known about the intended adoption of smart glasses, particularly: Who are the early adopters of such wearables? We contribute to the growing body of research that investigates the role of personality in(More)
Relationship marketing is often presented as a strategic meta-option, but little attention has been paid to the concept’s potential differentiation. In this paper, I argue that such a differentiation is possible and necessary. On the basis of the relational contracting framework I identify ten dimensions of relational behaviour. I then present the results(More)
The emergence of network forms of organization on many business markets has led to the development of new management activities. One core activity is the management of a company's relationships with partners in strategic alliances. Responsibilities for alliance management are increasingly attributed to a new type of formal position, the alliance manager.(More)
Over the past 15 years, relational exchange theory (RET) has increasingly received attention in the marketing literature. Marketing scholars have particularly contributed to the empirical verification of the norm concept which occupies a central role in RET. However, a vast set of potential norms is discussed in the literature. The author provides a review(More)
The purpose of this paper is to re-launch research on industrial marketing organization. The authors argue that the degree of attention the topic receives in the academic community is diametrically opposed to its relevance to practitioners. Starting off with a summary of the extant literature on the topic they present the findings from a qualitative study(More)