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Report from Middle-Earth: fan fiction tasks in the EFL classroom
This study builds upon work in task-based language teaching and literary studies to explore the use of fan fiction as a pedagogical tool in a technology-enhanced university foreign language class. AExpand
Critically examining the use of blog-based fanfiction in the advanced language classroom
This paper critically examines the integration of online fanfiction practices into an advanced university English language classroom and explores how technology and learners’ experience with this technology may have mediated the resulting stories. Expand
Emergent literacy : children’s books from 0 to 3
Recension av: Emergent Literacy: Children’s Books from 0 to 3. Edited by Bettina Kummerling- Meibauer. Amsterdam and Philadelphia: John Benjamins, 2011. 265 pages. ISBN 9789027218087
Nature, North, and Nation
Nature, North and Nation in Swedish Texts for Children The emergence of modern nation-states towards the end of the eighteenth century and the rise of children’s literature in the same period is noExpand
Children's Covid-19 Literature
Abstract:Something is different about the Spring Festival of 2020. The streets are almost empty of pedestrians, with only a few cars passing by occasionally. My aunt calls and says she has to cancelExpand
Astrid Lindgren and Being Swedish
The primary focus of this conference is to explore the power of storytelling in the recuperation of memory, collective identity formation, and the presence of oral traditions in literature and theExpand