Björn Saxe

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A rare case of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma stage IE complicating pregnancy is presented. The diagnosis was made by biopsy at 28 weeks gestation and treated with 2635 rad of external radiotherapy with abdominal and pelvic shielding beginning at 30 weeks gestation. Following delivery, the patient received combination chemotherapy and is disease-free 6 years later.(More)
Nuclear images frequently include large areas of the patient which are unrelated to the specific organ system under study. The alert interpreter may discover clinically significant information from these portions of the image. This report describes the diagnosis of an ovarian cyst that was suggested by an absence of activity in the pelvis noted on routine(More)
Seventy-eight patients with Hodgkin's disease were treated with radiation therapy between July 1966 and July 1976 (30 Stage I, 28 Stage II, 20 Stage III). The mean follow-up period is greater than 5 years. 90% of Stage I, 86% of Stage II, 65% of Stage III, and 82% (64/78) of all patients are NED after radiotherapy alone. Since laparotomy option (1970) 89%(More)
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