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The overarching goal at the Integrated Design Laboratory (IDL) is to understand the mechanisms of decision making and exchanges among engineers. In this study a toolbox for the assessment of engineering performance in a realistic aircraft design task is presented. It allows for the assessment of participants in different experimental conditions. The degree(More)
the problem: towards a 3rd generation MDO empirical approach: semi-structured interviews study 1: small batch, verbal reports—four projects A—D study 2: more data on projects A—D, and on eight more project, E—L outlook: lessons learned—a promising method, needs to be extended and put into work DLR—the German Aerospace Center—has institutes and facilities at(More)
Research into future air vehicles incorporating novel technologies is characterized by a high number of interacting disciplines which need to be considered. Despite advances in numeric interfacing techniques for participative Multidisciplinary Design and Optimisation (pMDO), it is not well understood how to build a team of specialists who jointly operate(More)
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