Björn Möller

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OBJECTIVE Treatment options for rheumatoid arthritis range from symptomatic approaches to modern molecular interventions such as inhibition of inflammatory mediators. Inhibition of inflammation by platelet-rich plasma (PRP) has been proposed as a treatment for tendinitis and osteoarthritis. The present study was undertaken to investigate the effect of PRP(More)
Maxillary sinus floor augmentation with autogenous bone has become a widely accepted procedure in implant dentistry. The use of osteoconductive bone substitutes in this indication is controversial, since their use can lead to a prolonged healing time, inhomogenous ossification, foreign body reaction, migration of particles and low bone-implant contact(More)
This study compared the biocompatibility in vitro and the osseointegration in vivo of zirconium and titanium implants regarding implant surfaces and the bone-implant contacts. The different implant surfaces and the biocompatibility of zirconium versus titanium implants were determined by vitality and cytotoxic tests in vitro. The contact of the osteoblasts(More)
Two powerful architectures for interoperability, HLA and SOA (Service Oriented Architectures) have been developed during the past ten years. HLA has been developed within the defense simulation community. SOA has been developed within the commercial enterprise community. At first they may seem quite similar but a closer look reveals fundamental differences(More)
In Germany, ∼ 13,000 people are found to have oral and pharyngeal cancer every year. Awareness and knowledge about this cancer remain insufficient, particularly amongst elderly people. A campaign for early detection was launched in Northern Germany in April 2012. The first step of the campaign was to increase awareness about oral cancer. Prior to a(More)
Orbital floor fractures, often combined with zygomatic fractures, are common fractures of the midface. Surgery of orbital fractures is done to free incarcerated or prolapsed orbital tissue and to restore the anatomic skeletal size of the orbit. Lyodura was a standard for the reconstruction of the orbital floor until cases of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease were(More)
INTRODUCTION Osteonecrosis of the jaw (ONJ) is an emerging condition in patients undergoing long-term administration of bisphosphonates (BP) for the treatment of osteoporosis and hypercalcaemia associated with malignancy, multiple myeloma, and metastatic breast and prostate cancers. This is a follow-up study, its purpose was to examine the effects in-vitro(More)
Radiotherapy can lead to a reduction of bone density with an increased risk of pathological fractures. Bisphosphonates may represent a preventive treatment option by increasing the density of anorganic bone mineral. Yet it is unknown how bisphosphonates act on irradiated collagen cross-links, which play an essential role for the mechanical stability of(More)
This paper presents a multiresolution general-purpose high-speed machine vision sensor with on-chip image processing capabilities. The sensor comprises an innovative multiresolution sensing area, 1536 A/D converters, and a SIMD array of 1536 bit-serial processors with corresponding memory. The sensing area consists of an area part with 1536 512 pixels, and(More)
Engineering a large vascularized bone graft is a much greater challenge than engineering small bone tissues. Although this is essentially feasible through an osteogenic factor-based in vivo bioreactor technique, the ossification needs improving. This study was aimed to investigate the possibility and efficacy of ectopic cultivation of sizeable bone grafts(More)