Björn Lüning

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Because of the broad clinical interest which tissue polypeptide antigen (TPA) has attracted as a tumor marker, human cell lines and human tissues have been analyzed for TPA expression using immunofluorescence microscopy. Epithelial cell lines including HeLa, MCF-7, and A-431 are recognized by TPA antibodies whereas human lines of non-epithelial origin are(More)
We describe a novel approach to study tyrosine-phosphorylated (PY) integrins in cells transformed by virally encoded tyrosine kinases. We have synthesized a peptide (PY beta 1 peptide) that represents a portion of the cytoplasmic domain of the beta 1 integrin subunit and is phosphorylated on the tyrosine residue known to be the target of oncogenic tyrosine(More)
Bone sialoprotein contains a cell-binding RGD sequence followed by a threonine residue. Since the protein is extensively phosphorylated, this threonine may also be modified. To study whether such a phosphorylation may alter cell-binding properties, the hexapeptide Pro-Arg-Gly-Asp-Thr(O-phosphoryl)-Tyr has been synthesized by the Fmoc technique using benzyl(More)
Adducts to N-terminal valine residues in hemoglobin (Hb) are used for monitoring in vivo doses of electrophiles and are quantitated by means of a modified Edman procedure, the "N-alkyl Edman procedure". In the reaction with pentafluorophenyl isothiocyanate, N-alkylated valines cyclize and detach from the protein as pentafluorophenylthiohydantoins (PFPTHs)(More)
The bone phosphoprotein osteopontin owes its cell adhesion property to the RGD-sequence. In order to determine whether a phosphate substituent on the serine following the RGD-sequence interferes with cell binding, we have synthesized GRGDSL along with the corresponding peptide phosphorylated on serine. The latter peptide showed significantly lower cell(More)