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Light scattering, or the so-called Yule-Nielsen effect, and ink penetration into the substrate paper play important roles in tone reproduction. We develop a framework in which the influences of both of these effects on the reflectance and tristimulus values of a halftone sample are investigated. The properties of the paper and the ink and their bilateral(More)
The use of spectrophotometers for color measurements on printed substrates is widely spread among paper producers as well as within the printing industry. Spectrophotometer measurements are precise, but time-consuming procedures and faster methods are desirable. The rapid development of digital cameras has opened the possibility to use consumer digital(More)
Halftoning is a crucial part of image reproduction in print. First-order frequency modulated (FM) half-tones, in which the single dots are stochastically distributed, are widely used in printing technologies, such as inkjet, that are able to stably print isolated dispersed dots. Printers, such as laser printers, that utilize electro-photographic technology(More)