Björn Kobin

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A versatile synthesis of nonsymmetrical, terminally substituted p-sexiphenyl (6P) derivatives has been developed. The synthesis makes use of a nonsymmetrical starting material as well as modular functionalization using Suzuki cross-coupling to yield a soluble precursor, which finally is converted to the insoluble target 6P derivatives. These derivatives(More)
We used aromatic phosphonates with substituted phenyl rings with different molecular dipole moments to form self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) on the Zn-terminated ZnO(0001) surface in order to engineer the energy-level alignment at hybrid inorganic/organic semiconductor interfaces, with an oligophenylene as organic component. The work function of ZnO was(More)
The fundamental limits of inorganic semiconductors for light emitting applications, such as holographic displays, biomedical imaging and ultrafast data processing and communication, might be overcome by hybridization with their organic counterparts, which feature enhanced frequency response and colour range. Innovative hybrid inorganic/organic structures(More)
Better switching: The introduction of bulky substituents into the bridge moiety of dithienylethenes led to derivatives exhibiting high photocyclization quantum yields. This novel and versatile form of substitution facilitated tuning of the switching performance without compromising on the optical and redox properties of the ring-open and ring-closed forms(More)
We introduce a straightforward experimental approach for determining the mean flow velocity of a supersonic jet with very high precision. While time measurements easily can achieve accuracies of Δt/t ≤ 10(-4), typically the absolute flight distances are much less well-defined. This causes significantly increased errors in calculations of the mean flow(More)
Photochemical degradation is an important issue to be overcome in advancing the lifetime of fluorene-containing conjugated polymers. In order to optimize the inertness of the materials, a quantitative measure for the efficiency of degradation is needed. Here, we introduce a method to measure a relative quantum yield of the photochemical degradation by(More)
The photophysics (spectral positions, band shapes, fluorescence quantum yields and lifetimes) of a series of fluorinated ladder type quaterphenyls L4P and L4P-Fn (n = 2, 4, 6) depend strongly on the degree and position of fluorine, despite the fact that substitution is not performed in the rings but only in methylene-bridges. This is driven by subtle(More)
We investigate the coupling of ladder-type quarterphenyl to the photon modes of a dielectric ZrOx /SiOx microcavity at ultraviolet wavelengths. For a relatively long cavity (≈10 μm) with high-reflectivity mirrors (0.998), optically pumped laser action is demonstrated in the weak-coupling regime. We observe single-mode operation with a threshold of 0.4 mJ(More)
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