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The purpose of this paper is to analyze the competition among mobile app stores for smart mobile media devices. Therefore, the business models of seven mobile app stores are analyzed with a special focus on Apple and Google. We use e3-value modelling – a formal business modelling technique – for analyzing the critical elements of these mobile ecosystems.(More)
We designed a business model for deploying a myofeedback-based teletreatment service. An iterative and combined qualitative and quantitative action design approach was used for developing the business model and the related value network. Insights from surveys, desk research, expert interviews, workshops and quantitative modelling were combined to produce(More)
The objective of this study was to design a viable business model for deploying a telerehabilitation service innovation in the R&D deployment phase. In the paper the business model engineering approach used to conceptualize the deployment of this telerehabilitation service is described, analyzed and evaluated. An iterative, multi-method and combined(More)
Recommended Citation Kijl, Björn and Boersma, Durk, "Developing a business model engineering & experimentation tool – the quest for scalable 'lollapalooza confluence patterns'" (2010). Kijl et al. Developing a business model engineering & experimentation tool – the quest for scalable 'lollapalooza confluence patterns' ABSTRACT Every organization needs a(More)
1 The growing importance of business model innovation In a globalizing world where consumer electronics (CE), information technology (IT), telecom, and media are converging, opportunities for new Internet services are emerging [1, 2]. With increasing marketplace dynamics, shorter time-to-market cycles and rapid technological developments, the ability to(More)
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