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We investigated how the Bradford assay for measurements of protein released from a drug formulation may be affected by a concomitant release of a pharmaceutical polymer used to formulate the protein delivery device. The main result is that polymer-caused perturbations of the Coomassie dye absorbance at the Bradford monitoring wavelength (595nm) can be(More)
A large number of chemical and surgical procedures have been described for the management and correction of onychocryptosis (1-15). Many of these procedures share the problem of prolonged postoperative drainage, which may continue from 4 to 6 weeks. This extended time period can cause the patient inconvenience and discomfort, and continuous follow-up care(More)
A literature review of the use of prophylactic antibiosis , and the protocol for its specific usage in conjunction with podiatric surgery is presented. Attention is raised to the many manifestations that require prophylactic antibiosis in foot and ankle surgery. With proper understanding of prophylactic antibiosis in podiatric surgery, the surgeon has an(More)
A case of pigmented villonodular tenosynovitis is described. The characteristics and clinical course are discussed and compared as to natural history, histopathology, pathophysiology, etiology, differential diagnosis, and treatment. The etiological factors of this entity are generally uncertain; however, this case may well be associated with a specific(More)
Tophaceous deposits are frequently noted within articular cartilage, synovium, tendons, tendon sheaths, pinnae and the soft tissue on the extensor surface of the forearms, feet, and bursae in patients with a history of chronic gout. The authors describe an unusual case of severe chronic tophaceous gout without prior diagnostic history or presence of acute(More)
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