Björn Jacobson

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Existing mechanical HVDC breakers are capable of interrupting HVDC currents within several tens of milliseconds, but this is too slow to fulfill the requirements of a reliable HVDC grid. HVDC breakers based on semiconductors can easily overcome the limitations of operating speed, but generate large transfer losses, typically in the range of 30 percent of(More)
Normal and pathologic human vitreous have been analyzed for the presence of a low-molecular weight inhibitor of aortic endothelial cell proliferation. Vitreous was subjected to gel chromatography and the material appearing in the retarded volume (less than 13,000 daltons) was tested for its ability to inhibit tritiated thymidine incorporation into DNA by(More)
Using recombinant DNA techniques, an Escherichia coli periplasmic sulfate receptor or sulfate-binding protein involved in active transport has been overexpressed and characterized. This protein is essentially identical in size, sequence, antigenicity, and ligand affinity and specificity to the sulfate receptor from Salmonella typhimurium whose crystal(More)
Sialyl and galactosyl transferase activities are demonstrated in calf vitreous hyalocytes. For study of sialyl transferase activity, a partially purified vitreous preparation (collagen and hyaluronic acid removed), and bovine submaxillary mucin were treated with an insolubilized neuraminidase before use acceptor of radioactivity from(More)
The ability of extracts of calf vitreous hyalocytes to catalyze the degradation of glycosaminoglycans was studied by incubation with radioactively labeled substrates. The degradation of the polymeric substrates to lower molecular weight products was assayed by three methods: (1) paper chromatographic separation of low molecular weight, mobile digestion(More)
We have determined the relative affinities in solution for various metals which bind to the lone calcium-binding site of the D-galactose-binding protein which resembles the EF-hand loop. In order of affinity the metals are: Ca2+ approximately Tb3+ approximately Pb2+ greater than Cd2+ greater than Sr2+ greater than Mg2+ much greater than Ba2+. The binding(More)