Björn Jörgensen

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In a total of 45 rabbits, knee-joint arthrosis was induced according to the Hulth & Telhag model. Depending on the post-operative survival time, the cartilage was investigated macroscopically, histologically and immunohistochemically (within a period of 10 days to 8 months). Thereafter, the influence of laser irradiation at a wavelength of 692.6 nm and(More)
In 12 patients with cirrhosis of the liver, determination of the liver volume by ultrasonic scanning and of the galactose elimination capacity (GE) were made before and after portal decompression surgery. The liver volume decreased significantly, with a median decrease of 402 ml (psmaller than 0.01). Also the GE decreased, but relatively less than the liver(More)
In this study, an animal model was developed for the examination of urethral strictures (US). Through a resectoscope, a resection was made in the urethras of 15 male rabbits. After 30 days, the rabbits were evaluated with urethrography, impedance planimetry and either histology or the determination of collagen content. Fifteen rabbits serving as controls(More)
Depending upon the definition used, restenosis occurs in 10-60% of patients who undergo percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty. Restenosis appears to be the result of a combination of pathophysiological processes, including elastic recoil of arterial walls, platelet deposition and thrombus formation and resultant fibro-cellular neointimal(More)
OBJECTIVE Leucopatch is a leukocyte and platelet-rich fibrin patch that provides concentrated blood cells and signal substances to the surface of an ulcer. It is produced by centrifugation of the patient's own venous blood. The aim of this pilot multicentre cohort study was to evaluate effects of the leucocyte patch in patients with hard-to-heal diabetic(More)
Liver biopsy and liver function tests were performed in 17 obese patients before and 14 months after intestinal shunt operation for obesity. In another 20 patients liver biopsy was performed postoperative only, in 12 patients preoperatively only. Steatosis was present in 85 per cent. of the patients before the operation. After the operation steatosis(More)
Jejunal biopsy in 33 patients before and after intestinal shunt operation for obesity has demonstrated that neither surface nor volume of the villi increase after surgery. Specific disaccharidase activity remained unchanged, and specific alkaline phosphatase activity increased slightly. There was a significant decrease in protein content in the(More)
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