Björn Hammarberg

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The microneurography technique was used to analyze use-dependent frequency modulation of action potential (AP) trains in human nociceptive peripheral nerves. Fifty-one single C-afferent units (31 mechano-responsive, 20 mechano-insensitive) were recorded from cutaneous fascicles of the peroneal nerve in awake human subjects. Trains of two and four(More)
Using a signal processing approach, we analyze the line source model for muscle action potential (AP) modeling. We show that the original model presents a tradeoff between violating the Nyquist criterion on one hand and using a discretization frequency that is unnecessarily high with respect to the bandwidth of the generated AP on the other. Here, we(More)
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The purpose of this paper is to provide a review of recent advances in voice research with special focus on clinical aspects and on the speaking voice. First an update on histological findings concerning the multilayer structure and the biomechanics of the vocal folds is given. Other topics are vocal fold closure patterns, the development of the voice from(More)
A simulation program for research and teaching electromyography (EMG) has been developed. It has a great number of parameters that may be optionally changed in simulations of normal and diseased muscle. The simulator is user-friendly and fast and can actually be run without much help from the manual. It is easy to introduce new motor units (MU), to change(More)
We describe how multiple-target tracking may be used to estimate conduction velocity changes and recovery constants of human nerve C-fibers. These parameters discriminate different types of C-fibers and pursuing this may promote new insights into differential properties of nerve fiber membranes. Action potentials (APs) were recorded from C-fibers in the(More)
We describe a multiple target tracking (MTT) application in microneurography that estimate conduction velocity changes and recovery constants of human nerve C-fibers. Results using the tracking system on real data are presented. Action potentials (APs) were recorded from C-fibers in the peroneal nerve of awake human subjects. The APs were detected by a(More)
Hammarberg, B., 2002. A Signal Processing Approach to Practical Neurophysiology: A Search for Improved Methods in Clinical Routine and Research, 222 pp. Uppsala. ISBN 91-506-1551-3. Signal processing within the neurophysiological field is challenging and requires short processing time and reliable results. In this thesis, three main problems are considered.(More)
Research on individual multilingualism and third language acquisition has expanded greatly in recent years. A theoretical correlate of this is the recognition of the fact that humans are potentially multilingual by nature, that multilingualism is the normal state of language competence, and that this in turns has implications for an adequate theory of(More)
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