Björn Friedrichs

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Maturation of cytochrome c peroxidase (Ccp1) in mitochondria occurs by the subsequent action of two conserved proteases in the inner membrane: the m-AAA protease, an ATP-dependent protease degrading misfolded proteins and mediating protein processing, and the rhomboid protease Pcp1, an intramembrane cleaving peptidase. Neither the determinants preventing(More)
Coronin-3 (coronin-1C), a homotrimeric F-actin binding protein, has been shown to be important for cell migration and brain morphogenesis. Here, we present for the first time a detailed analysis of the expression pattern of coronin-3 in human brain tumours and demonstrate that coronin-3 expression correlates with malignant phenotype in diffuse gliomas. In(More)
Using biochemical assays, we compared enzyme activities with the immunoreactivity of antibodies against rat seminal transglutaminase (TGase), human erythrocyte TGase and guinea pig liver TGase in human normal prostate, primary prostatic carcinomas and prostatic carcinoma cell lines. Glandular cells of the epithelium were only exceptionally positive with the(More)
Transglutaminases with different functions and tissue distribution patterns can be distinguished by specific antibodies and by inhibition of enzyme activity in the presence of guanosine triphosphate (GTP). The most common form is the so-called tissue-type transglutaminase that is apparently involved in membrane, stabilization processes, e.g. during(More)
Purification of pig kidney Na+,K(+)-ATPase at low concentrations of SDS (0.5%) allowed copurification of several peripheral membrane proteins. Some of these associated proteins were identified as components of the membrane cytoskeleton. Here we describe two novel globular proteins of of Mr 77,000 (pasin 1) and Mr 73,000 (pasin 2) which copurify and(More)
Successful immunotherapy of Hodgkin's disease is so far hampered by the striking unresponsiveness of lymphoma infiltrating immune cells. To mobilize both adoptive and innate immune cells for an anti-tumor attack we fused the pro-inflammatory cytokines IL2 and IL12 to an anti-CD30 scFv antibody in a dual cytokine fusion protein to accumulate both cytokines(More)
Protein 4.2 is a major component of the erythrocyte membrane cytoskeleton. Here we show that immunoreactive forms of human (Mr 72,000) and pig (Mr 75,000) protein 4.2 are also associated with the plasma membrane of various nonerythroid cells and tissues, such as platelets, brain, and kidney. Protein 4.2 can be extracted from platelet membranes under the(More)
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