Björn Engberg

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The intracellular metabolism of 6-mercaptopurine (6-MP) was studied in a murine leukemia cell line, WEHI-3b. Cells were incubated 3 to 24 h with 10 nM to 50 microM 6-MP. Nucleotides were extracted with perchloric acid, and the 6-thiopurine nucleotides were isolated on mercurial cellulose. The endogenous ribonucleotides in the perchloric acid extracts as(More)
1 Abstract X window terminals occupy a niche between X window workstations and graphics terminals. The purpose of terminals in general is to provide low-cost user access to host computers or smaller dedicated systems. X window terminals further the advance in graphics terminals and provide new and interesting ways to utilize host systems. Ethernet cable(More)
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