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esearchers have studied and created a wide range of techniques to support software engineers during development. This article reports parts of the results of a survey of 135 participants that has been conducted in Germany to shed light on the usage and demand of intelligent assistance in software engineering activities. The survey showed that there is a(More)
Experience Management (EM) is an area that is increasingly gaining importance. Its roots lie in Experimental Software Engineering ("Experience Factory"), in Artificial Intelligence ("Case-Based Reasoning"), and in Knowledge Management. knowledge, as well as for development, improvement, and execution of all knowledge-related processes. The main difference(More)
Within this paper we describe the indiGo approach to preparation, moderation, and analysis of discourses to enhance experience management. In the indiGo project this has been exemplified for the process learning domain. indiGo includes an integration of approaches for e-participation, experience management, process modeling and publishing, as well as text(More)
The development of software is often accompanied by poor documentation of experiences, decisions, or architectural information. Reuse of experiences and knowledge, using the lightweight Wiki-Technology, promises a sustainable assurance and availability of business-critical information. In this paper we give an overview of the RISE research project (Reuse In(More)
The indiGo project offers a solution for tackling resistance against and problems while executing process models: eParticipative Process Learning. Via moderated, web-based discussions, consensus about a process is created and process models are reviewed to achieve better understandability or other quality aspects. Furthermore , problems during the execution(More)
Experience-based continuous learning is essential for improving products, processes, and technologies in emerging as well as established areas of business and engineering science. It can be facilitated by case-based organizational learning, meaning that relevant experience is captured in the form of cases for reuse in a corporate experience repository. For(More)
Zusammenfassung Ziel des Projektes indiGo war die Entwicklung einer integrierten Lösung für prozessorientier-tes Wissensmanagement in Software Engineering Umgebungen [Rech et al, 2004] [Rech und Althoff, 2004]. Dadurch wird die verteilte und kollaborative Einführung, Evaluation und Verbesserung von Prozessmodellen in einem Unternehmen ermöglicht. Dieser(More)
Knowledge management is a relatively young discipline. Nevertheless, it has accumulated a valuable body-of-knowledge in the structuring of knowledge and in the design of socio-technical knowledge management systems. However, concepts to describe common, recurring patterns of how to describe, structure, interrelate, group, or manage knowledge elements are(More)