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The microservice approach has created a hype in the domain of cloud and enterprise application business. Before, grown, monolithic, software has been pushed to the limits of maintainability and scalability. The microservice architecture approach utilizes the service oriented architecture together with best practices and recent developments in software(More)
Assistive systems collect large amounts of data in the inter-net of things and compute behavior and intentions of users in the cloud. Our approach is to push these computations (interpreted as database queries) as close as possible to the local sensors of the internet of things. We aim at replacing privacy-compromising cloud-based computations by fog-or(More)
"After a discussion of major concepts of counterurbanization, a narrow definition is proposed. Various demographic and socio-economic dimensions are analysed at different scales with special regard to the Canadian heartland. The basic hypothesis suggests a temporary weakening of urban growth dynamics: decentralization, thus, is a result of locational(More)
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