Björn Boll

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Protein aggregates have been discussed as a potential risk factor related to immunogenicity. Here we developed a novel human IgG transgenic (tg) mouse system expressing a mini-repertoire of human IgG1 antibodies (Abs) for the assessment of immunogenic properties of human mAb preparations. Transgenic mice were generated using germline versions of the human(More)
The goal of this study was to compare and evaluate two preparative techniques for fractionation of proteinaceous subvisible particles. This work enables future studies to address the potential biological consequences of proteinaceous subvisible particles in protein therapeutic products. Particles were generated by heat stress and separated by size using(More)
A current concern with the use of therapeutic proteins is the likely presence of aggregates and submicrometer, subvisible, and visible particles. It has been proposed that aggregates and particles may lead to unwanted increases in the immune response with a possible impact on safety or efficacy. The aim of this study was thus to evaluate the ability of(More)
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