Björn Axenath

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It is now well-established, that there are three important aspects of business processes: the behaviour aspect, the information aspect, and the organisation aspect. Dependent on the application area and the purpose of the models, there are even more aspects that need to be considered. Conceptually, most of the aspects of business processes are completely(More)
AMFIBIA is a meta-model that formalizes the essential aspects and concepts of business process modelling. Though AMFIBIA is not the first approach to formalizing the aspects and concepts of business process modelling, it is more ambitious in the following respects: First, it is independent from particular modelling formalisms of business processes and it is(More)
Today’s trend in software and system engineering is to utilize more specialized models. This model-based development approach makes a single engineering task more easy, as the engineer can focus on the particular aspect of the system, when working with one model. Though collaborations get more difficult, because more models have to be kept consistent.(More)
In advanced mechatronic systems, software was traditionally employed late in the development process for costeffectively realizing the required control functionality. Today however, software has become one of the main drivers for innovation, enabling cost-effective variants and online reconfiguration. During the development of mechatronic systems, different(More)
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