Björn-Anders Jonsson

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PURPOSE The RNASEL gene has been proposed as a candidate gene for the HPC1 locus through a positional cloning and candidate gene approach. Cosegregation between the truncating mutation E265X and disease in a hereditary prostate cancer (HPC) family and association between prostate cancer risk and the common missense variant R462Q has been reported. To(More)
BACKGROUND Long QT syndrome (LQTS) is an inherited arrhythmic disorder characterised by prolongation of the QT interval on ECG, presence of syncope and sudden death. The symptoms in LQTS patients are highly variable, and genotype influences the clinical course. This study aims to report the spectrum of LQTS mutations in a Swedish cohort. METHODS Between(More)
BACKGROUND Autopsy of sudden cardiac death (SCD) in the young shows a structurally and histologically normal heart in about one third of cases. Sudden death in these cases is believed to be attributed in a high percentage to inherited arrhythmogenic diseases. The purpose of this study was to investigate the value of performing post-mortem genetic analysis(More)
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