Bizhan Rashidian

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A band structure of one-dimensional periodic media having an arbitrary inhomogeneous refractive index profile is extracted based on the modification committed on the differential-transfer-matrix method (DTMM). Furthermore, the most recently modified differential transfer matrix is improved by reshaping the formulation in terms of which the electromagnetic(More)
LLC resonant converter with significant resonant inductance is proposed for designing an adjustable wide-range regulated voltage source. Large resonant inductance increases output voltage adjustment range and conversion efficiency, particularly at light loads. Soft switching is achieved for all power devices under all operating conditions by choosing the(More)
The creation of novel engineered multimodal nanoparticles (NPs) is a key focus in bionanotechnology and can lead to deep understanding of biological processes at the molecular level. Here, we present a multi-component system made of gold-coupled core-shell SPIONs, as a new nanoprobe with signal enhancement in surface Raman spectroscopy, due to its(More)
From 120 practicing physicians in Shiraz, Iran, 40 were selected to identify their attitude toward the use of antibiotics. A young, healthy man who complained of mild fever and cold symptoms was referred to them and 37 of them prescribed inappropriate doses of antibiotics. It is assumed that the behavior of the physicians is based on pressure by the(More)
A Legendre polynomial expansion of electromagnetic fields for analysis of layers with an inhomogeneous refractive index profile is reported. The solution of Maxwell’s equations subject to boundary conditions is sought in a complete space spanned by Legendre polynomials. Also, the permittivity profile is interpolated by polynomials. Different cases including(More)
A novel analytical method for solution of planar optical structure with arbitrary refractive index profile is proposed. This new method is founded on differential-transfer-matrices, whose field solutions are based on Airy’s trial functions. In contrast to conventional Wentzel, Kramers, and Brillouin (WKB) solutions, which diverge around the turning points,(More)
The transmission-line analogy of the planar electromagnetic reflection problem is exploited to obtain a transmission-line model that can be used to design effective, robust, and wideband interference-based matching stages. The proposed model based on a new definition for a scalar impedance is obtained by using the reflection coefficient of the zeroth-order(More)
Planar grating diffraction analysis based on Legendre expansion of electromagnetic fields is reported. In contrast to conventional RCWA in which the solution is obtained using state variables representation of the coupled wave amplitudes; here, the solution is expanded in terms of Legendre polynomials. This approach, without facing the problem of numerical(More)