Bizhan Rashidian

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The local electric field enhancement at various regions of an individual nanometre-thin gold mesotriangle has been demonstrated both numerically and experimentally. This work provides, for the first time, direct experimental evidence of localized enhancement of Raman signals at three edges of nanometre-thin gold mesotriangles at single particle level, using(More)
The transmission-line analogy of the planar electromagnetic reflection problem is exploited to obtain a transmission-line model that can be used to design effective, robust, and wideband interference-based matching stages. The proposed model based on a new definition for a scalar impedance is obtained by using the reflection coefficient of the zeroth-order(More)
A Legendre polynomial expansion of electromagnetic fields for analysis of layers with an inhomogeneous re-fractive index profile is reported. The solution of Maxwell's equations subject to boundary conditions is sought in a complete space spanned by Legendre polynomials. Also, the permittivity profile is interpolated by polyno-mials. Different cases(More)
The creation of novel engineered multimodal nanoparticles (NPs) is a key focus in bionanotechnology and can lead to deep understanding of biological processes at the molecular level. Here, we present a multi-component system made of gold-coupled core-shell SPIONs, as a new nanoprobe with signal enhancement in surface Raman spectroscopy, due to its(More)
Third order nonlinear effects and its enhancement in gold nanostructures has been numerically studied. Analysis method is based on computationally solving nonlinear Maxwell's equations, considering dispersion behavior of permittivity described by Drude model and third order nonlinear susceptibility. Simulation is done by method of nonlinear finite(More)
An inconsistency between the circular symmetric geometry of conventional optical imagers and the geometry of long linear sensors used in today's line-scan cameras results in suboptimal separate design of optics and electronics of scanner systems. Based on the method of foveated optical imaging, a technique named foveated scanning (FS) is proposed in this(More)
We have developed a simulator for Nanoscale HEMT transistors, in which solution of self-consistent Poisson-Schrödinger equations is obtained with finite element method. In this simulator we solve the exact set of nonlinear differential equations to obtain electron wave function, electric potential distribution, electron density, Fermi surface energy and(More)
The Goos-Haenchen shift of a totally reflected beam at the planar interface of two dielectric media, as if the incident beam is reflected from beneath the interface between the incident and transmitted media, has been geometrically associated with the penetration of the incident photons in the less-dense forbidden transmission region. This geometrical(More)