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Cucumber is an agriculturally and economically important vegetable crop worldwide. Fruit flesh thickness is an important trait for cucumber and also a central determinant of yield, yet little is known about the underlying mechanism of this trait. In this study, bulked segregant analysis (BSA) combined with specific length amplified fragment sequencing(More)
High-density genetic map provides an essential framework for accurate and efficient genome assembly and QTL fine mapping. Construction of high-density genetic maps appears more feasible since the advent of next-generation sequencing (NGS), which eases SNP discovery and high-throughput genotyping of large population. In this research, a high-density genetic(More)
This study aims to explore the classification ability of decision trees (DTs) and support vector machines (SVMs) to discriminate between the digital chest radiographs (DRs) of pneumoconiosis patients and control subjects. Twenty-eight wavelet-based energy texture features were calculated at the lung fields on DRs of 85 healthy controls and 40 patients with(More)
Gardenia fruit (fruit of Gardenia jasminoides Ellis) is used as a natural pigment resource and a Chinese traditional medicine. The white mesocarp turning orange or red that occurs during gardenia fruit maturation arises from the production and accumulation of the apocarotenoids, especially crocin-1, which is derived from carotenoid. Meanwhile, the major(More)
PURPOSE To diagnose pneumoconiosis using a computer-aided diagnosis system based on digital chest radiographs. METHODS Lung fields were first extracted by combining the traditional Otsu-threshold method with a morphological reconstruction on digital radiographs (DRs), and then subdivided into six non-overlapping regions (region (a-f)). Twenty-two(More)
Wolfe J M. et al found that subject's miss rate increased markedly when target prevalence decreased in simulated X-ray luggage screening task, which was so-called the low prevalence effect. He thought it was caused by shift of observer's decision criteria. But the number of trials with target (NTT) also affected the effect. The present study had two(More)
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