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The species richness pattern of vascular plants along a tropical elevational gradient and the test of elevational Rapoport's rule depend on different life‐forms and phytogeographic affinities
Abstract The research about species richness pattern and elevational Rapoport's rule (ERR) have been carried out mostly in the temperate regions in the recent years and scarcely in the tropicalExpand
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Spatial Congruence or Mismatch Between Phylogenetic and Functional Structure of Seed Plants Along a Tropical Elevational Gradient: Different Traits Have Different Patterns
Compared with species richness, few studies have investigated the patterns and the relationship of phylogenetic and functional structure along elevation gradients. Here, we used general additiveExpand
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Floristic composition and endemism pattern of vascular plants in Ethiopia and Eritrea
Traditional attempts to delineate floristic regions are typically based on the qualitative analysis of species distribution, often ignoring the phylogenetic relationships among their taxa. EthiopiaExpand
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