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We experimentally demonstrate a compact, long-range, high-resolution chaotic correlation optical time-domain reflectometry based on a monolithic integrated chaotic laser (MICL). The MICL can directly generate a broadband chaotic signal covering a RF frequency range of over 40 GHz. Multi-reflection events can be precisely located in a detection range of ∼47(More)
A widely tunable optoelectronic oscillator (OEO) based on a self-injection-locked monolithic dual-mode amplified feedback laser (DM-AFL) is proposed and experimentally demonstrated. In the proposed OEO structure, the DM-AFL functions as an active tunable microwave photonic filter (MPF). By tuning the injection current applied on the amplifier section of the(More)
A monolithic integrated amplified feedback laser (AFL) is experimentally demonstrated as a new solution to generate dual-mode lasing with beating-frequency around 60 GHz. This laser consists of a complex-coupled distributed feedback laser (DFB) and an integrated feedback cavity, which is formed by a phase section and an amplifier section. Stable dual-mode(More)
An ultra-fast physical random number generator is demonstrated utilizing a photonic integrated device based broadband chaotic source with a simple post data processing method. The compact chaotic source is implemented by using a monolithic integrated dual-mode amplified feedback laser (AFL) with self-injection, where a robust chaotic signal with RF(More)
A tunable optical microwave generation scheme using self-injection locked monolithic dual-wavelength amplified feedback laser (AFL) is proposed and experimentally demonstrated. By using a dual-loop feedback scheme, the 3-dB linewidth of the optical microwave output resulting from mode beating is reduced from MHz to kHz scale. Optical microwave generation(More)
We demonstrate a monolithic dual-mode amplified feedback laser for photonic millimeter-wave generation and all-optical clock recovery. Dual-mode lasing with beating frequency around 100 GHz was realized by using a single-mode distributed feedback (DFB) laser with a short feedback cavity that was integrated by simple quantum-well intermixing technology. By(More)
We report a Terahertz (THz) excitation source based on a dual-lateral-mode ridge-waveguide Distributed Bragg Reflector laser (DBR) with an optimized 4 μm ridge width in the 1.5-μm range. Dual-lateral-mode generation and beating are verified experimentally. In the experiments, Terahertz signals of 1.133 THz, 1.134 THz, 1.235 THz and 1.24 THz(More)
A monolithic semiconductor laser, which can generate high frequency mode-beating over 100GHz, is reported. This laser employs a semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA) as the integrated feedback cavity of a complex-coupled distributed feedback laser (DFB). Stable dual-mode emission, with low strength difference is demonstrated. Mode-beating frequency of this(More)
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