Bita Sedaghati

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Despite the success of highly active antiretroviral therapy, AIDS still remains as one of the most important world health problems. Toxicity of current available drugs and inevitable emergence of multi-drug resistant strains makes things worse. In the present study a series of novel Biginelli-type pyrimidine compounds were evaluated as potential anti-human(More)
There are various conceptually different strategies to improve bone regeneration and to treat osteoporosis, each with distinct inherent advantages and disadvantages. The use of RNA interference strategies to suppress the biological action of catabolic factors or antagonists of osteogenic proteins is promising, and such strategies can be applied locally.(More)
Cigarette smoke has been documented to be related to the development of cancer. However, the exact mechanism for the carcinogenic action of cigarette smoke is still unknown. Nicotine is recognized to be the major compound in cigarette smoke and has been suggested to play a role in oral cancer via a cyclooxygenase (COX)/ prostaglandin-dependent pathway. This(More)
Although bone morphogenic protein (BMP)-2 is known to potently induce osteogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells, strong individual differences have been reported. In part, this is due to internal antagonists of BMP-2 for example, noggin and chordin, secreted by differentiating cells. This enabling study was performed to prove the hypothesis(More)
A series of novel Biginelli pyrimidines was prepared and evaluated for antimicrobial activity. Weak inhibitory activity (MIC = 128 μg/ml) was observed from 3b and 8b, against S. aureus and P. aeruginosa, respectively. Moderate antifungal agents: 4c, 4d, 4e with MIC = 32 μg/ml, 3d, 7b, and 8b with MIC = 64 μg/ml against C. albicans were determined. 4c, 4d,(More)
Medication errors are the most common type of medical errors in health-care domain. The use of electronic prescribing systems (e-prescribing) have resulted in significant reductions in such errors. However, dealing with the heterogeneity of available information sources is still one of the main challenges of e-prescription systems. There already exists(More)
BACKGROUND Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) have great promise in the field of regenerative medicine due to their differentiation potential into several lineages. Besides the bone marrow, MSCs can be obtained from the dermis, which represents a large stem cell reservoir in the skin. Sheep provide an appropriate large animal model for preclinical studies. In(More)
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