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Low-complexity leakage current acquisition system for transmission line insulators employing GSM voice channel
With the rapid advancements in electronics and in communication infrastructures, the deployment of low-complexity devices for power system monitoring has become an active area of research. For theExpand
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Application of Cole–Cole model to transformer oil-paper insulation considering distributed dielectric relaxation
Researchers have been exploring dielectric testing techniques both in time and frequency domain for insulation condition assessment of oil-paper insulated transformers. In a practical dielectricExpand
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An approach based on rough set theory for identification of single and multiple partial discharge source
Abstract This paper describes a methodology to detect the location of single as well as multiple partial discharge sources by sensing the optical radiation from the source. To establish theExpand
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Estimation of Contamination Level of Overhead Insulators Based on Surface Leakage Current Employing Detrended Fluctuation Analysis
This article proposes an advanced technique for condition assessment of outdoor insulators based on its surface leakage current through employing detrended fluctuation analysis (DFA). Analysis ofExpand
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Frequency Domain Spectroscopy
Frequency domain spectroscopy (FDS) is a non-destructive method of assessing the insulation condition of high voltage equipment, especially oil-paper insulation system of transformers. It is aExpand
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Experimental Investigation of the Electromagnetic Signal Attenuation Characteristics of the Partial Discharge Laboratory at Jadavpur University
Electromagnetic interference is becoming an increasing concern, because of the high intensity of surrounding electromagnetic waves, mainly arising from communication signals and also due toExpand
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Classification of impulse fault response patterns in transformers using cascaded wavelet network
Accurate identification of winding faults that may develop during impulse testing of transformer is of great importance for ensuring reliability and quality of power supply. In the present work aExpand
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S-Transform Aided Random Forest Based PD Location Detection Employing Signature of Optical Sensor
This paper presents a novel methodology to detect the location of single, double as well as multiple source partial discharge employing five optical sensors. Expand
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