Biswasnath Sharma Sarkar

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Toxigenic Vibrio cholerae O1 and O139 serogroups have the capacity of causing epidemic and pandemic cholera but are infrequently found in the environment. The other serogroups are abundant in aquatic environments but do not possess the virulence genes necessary for causing the disease. Of the 559 environmental strains of V. cholerae, collected during(More)
In this letter, we propose a novel scheme for realizing a tunable source of millimeter (mm)- and submillimeter (submm)-waves by mixing two coherent lightwaves in a wide-band photodiode. The coherent lightwaves are generated from two laser diodes injection locked to two optical side-bands generated from a overdriven phase modulator. Calculated submm-wave(More)
Neurological complications may occur with the Plasmodium falciparum infection. However, the association of neurological manifestations with vivax malaria remains doubtful. Of late, there are isolated case reports/studies which have implicated P. vivax in the pathogenesis of severe malaria which is characterized by the features of different organ(More)
AIM To evaluate the efficacy of single dose Azithromycin (1 gram) in treatment of cholera in adults. A randomized, controlled clinical trial on 120 adults with acute watery diarrhoea and moderate to severe dehydration compared the efficacy of azithromycin (1 gram) single dose and Norfloxacin (400 mg) twice daily for three days in treating cholera. Data were(More)
Word liverderived from heparor hepatwhich is a Greek word, a lifeline, indeed, relentlessly round the clock involved in from metabolism to digestion via aiding emulsification of lipid, synthesis of plasma protein to glycogen storage & also synthesis of bile & hormones to detoxification, to keep us hale and hearty. But,at times due to multiple factors like(More)
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