Biswaroop Mukherjee

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We observe a long-lived solitary wave in a superfluid Fermi gas of (6)Li atoms after phase imprinting. Tomographic imaging reveals the excitation to be a solitonic vortex, oriented transverse to the long axis of the cigar-shaped atom cloud. The precessional motion of the vortex is directly observed, and its period is measured as a function of the chemical(More)
We use atomistic molecular dynamics (MD) simulations to study the diffusion of water molecules confined inside narrow (6,6) carbon nanorings. The water molecules form two oppositely polarized chains. It is shown that the effective interaction between these two chains is repulsive in nature. The computed mean-squared displacement (MSD) clearly shows a(More)
We present a systematic derivation of a coarse grained (CG) model for molecular dynamics (MD) simulations of a liquid crystalline (LC) compound containing an azobenzene mesogen. The model aims at a later use in a multiscale modeling approach to study liquid crystalline phase transitions that are (photo)induced by the trans/cis photoisomerization of the(More)
We follow the time evolution of a superfluid Fermi gas of resonantly interacting ^{6}Li atoms after a phase imprint. Via tomographic imaging, we observe the formation of a planar dark soliton, its subsequent snaking, and its decay into a vortex ring, which, in turn, breaks to finally leave behind a single solitonic vortex. In intermediate stages, we find(More)
We compute the entropy and transport properties of water in the hydration layer of dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine bilayer by using a recently developed theoretical scheme [two-phase thermodynamic model, termed as 2PT method; S.-T. Lin et al., J. Chem. Phys. 119, 11792 (2003)] based on the translational and rotational velocity autocorrelation functions and(More)
Experiments and computer simulations demonstrate that water spontaneously fills the hydrophobic cavity of a carbon nanotube. To gain a quantitative thermodynamic understanding of this phenomenon, we use the recently developed two phase thermodynamics method to compute translational and rotational entropies of confined water molecules inside single-walled(More)
The authors have used atomistic molecular dynamics (MD) simulations to study the structure and dynamics of water molecules inside an open ended carbon nanotube placed in a bath of water molecules. The size of the nanotube allows only a single file of water molecules inside the nanotube. The water molecules inside the nanotube show solidlike ordering at room(More)
Here we report results from our molecular dynamics simulations on orientational relaxation and hydrogen bond dynamics of molten acetamide. Signatures for orientational jumps have been detected with jump barrier estimated to be ∼0.7 kBT. Simulated orientational relaxations indicate deviations from hydrodynamics and this deviation has been ascribed to the(More)
This thesis introduces time-lined TCP (TLTCP). TLTCP is a protocol designed to provide TCP-friendly delivery of time-sensitive data to applications that are loss-tolerant, such as streaming media players. Previous research into the unicast delivery of streaming media over the Internet proposes using UDP and performs congestion control at the user level by(More)