Biswaroop Chakrabarty

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A study was done to examine the efficacy of buccal midazolam in controlling convulsion in children by comparing it with intravenous diazepam, a standard mode of treating convulsions. One hundred and twenty cases presenting with convulsions to emergency were treated randomly with either buccal midazolam (in a dose of 0.2mg/kg) or intravenous diazepam (in a(More)
FIG. 1 Linear and Whorled Nevoid Hypermelanosis: Linear and whorled hyperpigmented macules in a reticulate pattern along the Blaschko’s lines over trunk and limbs. A two-years-old boy presented with abnormal body pigmentation and body asymmetry noted since birth. A preceding vesicular eruption was absent. He was developmentally normal. Family history was(More)
Neurocysticercosis, parasitic infestation of the central nervous system by the Taenia solium larvae, is a major public health problem, primarily in the developing countries. Seizures are the primary clinical manifestation which could be acute (secondary to active lesions) or remote symptomatic (due to calcified lesions). Cysticidal therapy is the standard(More)
Immunological involvement of peripheral nervous system in non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) is very rare and it may be difficult to differentiate it from vincristine-induced neuropathy. We report clinical and electrophysiological findings of an 8-year-old male with NHL who developed acute onset fulminant motor sensory autonomic neuropathy during induction(More)
Epilepsy is defined as two or more unprovoked seizures. Epileptic patients have intellectual disability and behavioral co-morbidities to the tune of up to 25 and 75% respectively. Various factors like underlying etiology, socioeconomic environment at home, age at onset, seizure semiology, seizure descriptors like duration, severity and frequency, therapy(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of this study is to retrospectively collect and then describe the clinico-radiographical profile of confirmed cases of leukodystrophy who presented over a 5-year period to a tertiary care teaching hospital in North India. MATERIALS AND METHODS The case records of 80 confirmed cases of leukodystrophy were reviewed and the cases have(More)
A 10-year-old girl presented with progressive proximal limb muscle weakness without facial, ocular, or bulbar muscle involvement. There was no fatigability or diurnal fluctuation in symptoms. Her weakness worsened with febrile illnesses and recovered with accruing disabilities over a few weeks. Serum creatine kinase levels and muscle biopsy were normal. A(More)
BACKGROUND Information on peripheral neuropathy in children with cystic fibrosis is scanty. The etiology can be multifactorial (micronutrient deficiency, chronic hypoxia, impaired glucose tolerance, immunological, vasculopathic, critical illness). METHODS Forty five cystic fibrosis children aged 1-18 years on vitamin E supplementation for at least 6(More)
Muscular dystrophies are progressive, genetic disorders of muscle degeneration. The current gold standard for diagnosis is muscle biopsy or genetic studies. Muscle biopsy is an invasive procedure and genetic testing facilities are available only in a few centers. Thus, a diagnostic test that is easily available, simpler, and less invasive is desirable. Over(More)