Biswaranjan Paital

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In the present study, the role of vitamin E and curcumin on hyperthyroidism induced mitochondrial oxygen consumption and oxidative damage to lipids and proteins of rat liver are reported. Adult male rats were rendered hyperthyroid by administration of 0.0012% l-thyroxine in their drinking water, while vitamin E (200 mg/kg body weight) and curcumin (30 mg/kg(More)
The effects of salinity (10, 17 and 35 ppt) on O(2) consumption, CO(2) release and NH(3) excretion by crabs and oxidative stress parameters and antioxidant defenses of its tissues were reported. An increase in salinity caused a decrease in O(2) consumption and CO(2) release and an increase in ammonia excretion by crabs. Lipid peroxidation, protein carbonyl,(More)
Antioxidant defence system, a highly conserved biochemical mechanism, protects organisms from harmful effects of reactive oxygen species (ROS), a by-product of metabolism. Both invertebrates and vertebrates are unable to modify environmental physical factors such as photoperiod, temperature, salinity, humidity, oxygen content, and food availability as per(More)
The enzyme catalase breaks down H2O2, a potentially harmful oxidant, to H2O and O2. Besides oxidase activity, the enzyme also exhibits peroxidase activity. Therefore, it plays an important role in maintaining health and regulating pathophysiology of the organisms. However, 3D structure of this important enzyme in invertebrates particularly in crabs is not(More)
BACKGROUND Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH) is common in older men. This study compared homeopathic treatment strategies using constitutional medicines (CM) or organopathic medicines (OM) alone or in combination (BCOM) in patients suffering from BPH. METHODS 220 men aged 30-90 years were recruited in Odisha, India. Patients presenting symptoms of(More)
The world is projected to experience an approximate doubling of atmospheric CO2 concentration in the next decades. Rise in atmospheric CO2 level as one of the most important reasons is expected to contribute to raise the mean global temperature 1.4 °C-5.8 °C by that time. A survey from 128 countries speculates that global warming is primarily due to(More)
Natural population of Bufo melanostictus in response to environmental cues shows several physiologic changes such as reproductive activity, hibernation, aestivation and metabolic depression in different seasons. We investigated the effects of seasonal fluctuations on oxidative stress (OS) physiology biomarkers, such as endogenous (ELPx) and induced (ILPx)(More)
Studies on oxidative stress (OS) in crustacea are widely used as ecotoxicological indices to assess the environment risk produced by the impact of several stressor and pollutants. In the present study, effects of seasonality on OS physiology markers such as antioxidant enzymes (superoxide dismutase, catalase, glutathione peroxidase and glutathione(More)
Many fishes are exposed to air in their natural habitat or during their commercial handling. In natural habitat or during commercial handling, the cat fish Heteropneustes fossilis is exposed to air for >24h. Data on its oxidative metabolism in the above condition are not available. Oxidative stress (OS) indices (lipid and protein oxidation), toxic reactive(More)
AIMS In the present study, the effects of vitamin E and curcumin on hepatic dysfunction, mitochondrial oxygen consumption as well as hyperlipidemia in hypothyroid rats are reported. MAIN METHODS Adult male rats were rendered hypothyroid by administration of 0.05% 6-n-propyl-2-thiouracil (PTU) in their drinking water, while vitamin E (200 mg/kg body(More)