Biswanath Dey

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Due to limited sensor nodes energy in wireless sensor network, it is very important to save the energy for prolonging networks lifetime. Clustering is a successful approach in wireless sensor network, which can increases network lifetime and scalability. A multihop routing protocol based on grid clustering is proposed to improve networks performance in(More)
This work details a new class of energy efficient and delay bounded data gathering framework viz. generalized intra cluster chaining (GICC) framework for large scale wireless sensor network. The framework extracts the advantages of both purely cluster based and purely chain based data gathering schemes for wireless sensor network without compromising with(More)
Wireless sensor networks are networks of large quantities of compact micro-sensors with wireless communication capability. Innovative techniques that improve energy efficiency to prolong the network lifetime are highly required. Clustering is an efficient mechanism to increase the network scalability and lifetime. There is lot of challenges, in which one is(More)
A Wireless Sensor Network is a distributed network of sensor nodes deployed in order to monitor physical or environmental conditions. One of the major challenges in the deployment of wireless sensor networks is the efficient usage of the sensor nodes' limited energy. In this paper we propose a novel clustering protocol for homogeneous wireless sensor(More)
Provisioning the network with sufficient lifetime is a key requirement in many sensor network applications. In order to save energy in densely deployed sensor network often a subset of so called redundant nodes periodically kept off while the other nodes in the vicinity working on behalf of the sleeping nodes. Preserving the adequate communication and(More)
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