Biswajit Paul

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BACKGROUND Maternal mortality is a reflection of the care given to women by its society. It is tragic that deaths occur during the natural process of child birth and most of them are preventable. OBJECTIVES The present study was undertaken to find out the causes and contributing factors of maternal deaths. MATERIALS AND METHODS All maternal deaths(More)
A naturally occurring 32-base pair deletion of the HIV-1 co-receptor CCR5 has demonstrated protection against HIV infection of human CD4+ T cells. Recent genetic engineering approaches using engineered nucleases to disrupt the gene and mimic this mutation show promise for HIV therapy. We developed a megaTAL nuclease targeting the third extracellular loop of(More)
— In energy constrained Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), network lifetime is considered as one of the most important metrics from the design point of view. In our paper, we have addressed the impact of a disperse node on network lifetime and have proposed a new design approach, Lifetime Enhancement for Disperse Networks (LEDN) to reduce its effect on a two(More)
BACKGROUND Symptomatic neurosyphilis (NS) can have varied syndromic presentations: Meningitis, meningovascular and parenchymatous involvement. AIMS To evaluate the different types of clinical syndrome of NS in a tertiary care hospital. MATERIAL AND METHODS This was a study of clinical profile of 16 patients with NS, seen in between August 2008 and(More)
4U 1626−67 is an accretion powered X-ray pulsar that shows remarkably stable X-ray luminosity above hours timescale and gradual intensity variation on a few years timescale. Unlike other high magnetic field binary X-ray pulsars, the spin-up or spin-down rate of the neutron star is also very stable upto several years. Here we report a sudden increase in the(More)