Biswajit Mondal

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Oxygen reduction and water oxidation are two key processes in fuel cell applications. The oxidation of water to dioxygen is a 4 H(+)/4 e(-) process, while oxygen can be fully reduced to water by a 4 e(-)/4 H(+) process or partially reduced by fewer electrons to reactive oxygen species such as H2O2 and O2(-). We demonstrate that a novel manganese corrole(More)
A study was conducted to assess the incidence and economics of subclinical form of bovine mastitis in Central Region of India. Daily milk records of 187 animals during three seasons were collected and subjected to analysis. The economic loss due to reduction in yield, clinical expenses, and additional resources used were quantified and aggregated. The(More)
Hereditary sensory autonomic neuropathy Type IV is an autosomal recessive disorder due to lack of maturation of small myelinated and unmyelinated fibers of peripheral nerves, which convey sensation of pain and temperature. There is anhidrosis due to lack of innervation of normal sweat glands resulting in recurrent episodes of hyperpyrexia. These patients(More)
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