Biswajit Haldar

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Ten patients having hyperkeratosis with moderate to severe fissures on palms and soles were treated with iontophoresis using 5-10% aqueous solution of sodium salicylate. The results were excellent within a period of 3-4 weeks (6-8 sittings each for a period of 10-15 minutes). The treatment was free from the problems of salicylism. Follow-up in some of the(More)
ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE Nerium oleander L. (syn. Nerium indicum Mill. and Nerium odorum Aiton.) is used for its anti-diabetic properties in Pakistan, Algeria, Morocco and is also recognized in Ayurveda. The present study was undertaken to investigate the anti-diabetic capacity of a standardized hydromethanolic extract of Nerium oleander in alloxan(More)
A quantitative assessment of cutaneous thermal sensation was undertaken in 12 psoriasis, 7 morphoea and 12 vitiligo patients. The thermal sensory threshold (TST) was determined both at the lesion site and the lesion-Eree contralateral site (control) by an electronic device fitted with a probe and a temperature sensor. As the differences in T-ST between the(More)
The skin furface pH of 55 brown-skinned individuals (Indians) comprising of 30 males and 25 females in the age range 12-58 years has been measured at the forehead (FH) and the back of the wrist (BW). The mean values of skin pH at FH and BW are 5.51 + 0.32 and 5.56 + 0.40 respectively for male. The corresponding female values are 5.73 + 0.032 and 5.84 + 0.28(More)