Biswajit Gorai

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The unfolding kinetics of cardiotoxin analogue VI from Taiwan cobra (Naja naja atra) have been studied at 473 K, pH 7.0 in the presence of 0.1 M NaCl using molecular dynamics simulations for 50 ns. Trajectory structures stored at every 25 ps (2000 structures) were probed at molecular (RMSD and radius of gyration) and residue (RMSF, surface area(More)
Structurally similar but functionally different two paralogous proteins, CTX1 (a cardiotoxin) and LNTX2 (an alpha-neurotoxin), from venom of Naja naja naja have been homology modeled and subjected to molecular dynamics (MD) simulations at four different temperatures (298 K, 310 K, 373 K & 473 K) under close quarters of physiological conditions. Each MD(More)
Unfolding stabilities of two homologous proteins, cardiotoxin III and short-neurotoxin (SNTX) belonging to three-finger toxin (TFT) superfamily, have been probed by means of molecular dynamics (MD) simulations. Combined analysis of data obtained from steered MD and all-atom MD simulations at various temperatures in near physiological conditions on the(More)
Designing antagonists to anti-apoptotic proteins of Bcl-2 family has become an important strategy in cancer chemotherapy. Using experimental techniques and computational methods, a few numbers of lead inhibitors to the antiapoptotic proteins have been reported in the literature and a few of them are under clinical trials. In this review, the lead inhibitors(More)
Cardiotoxins (CTXs) belonging to the three-finger toxin superfamily of snake venoms are one of principal toxic components and the protein toxins exhibit membrane lytic activities when the venoms are injected into victims. In the present study, complex formations between CTX VI (a P-type CTX from Naja atra) and CTX1 (an S-type CTX from Naja naja) on(More)
The crucial residues of hBaxBH3 peptide for interaction with hBcl-B, an anti-apoptotic protein, were identified using molecular docking studies on the polypeptides and temperature-specific molecular dynamic simulations performed for the protein-peptide complex at near-physiological conditions (pH 7.0, 1 atmospheric pressure and 0.1 M NaCl). The data from(More)
Cardiotoxins (CTXs) are single polypeptide chain consisting of 59-62 amino acids with four disulfide bridges and globular proteins of simple β-sheet folds. The CTXs are one of principal toxic components causing haemolysis and damaging various cells and belong to three-finger toxin (TFT) superfamily of snake venoms. However, there is no natural or synthetic(More)
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