Biswadip Ghosh

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This study attempts to determine the clinical manifestations, severity and immunological features of JIA and its influence on growth and associated cardiac involvement in children below 16 years of age. This is a cross sectional study in a tertiary referral center on 50 consecutive children below the age of 16 years. Each patient was thoroughly examined and(More)
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Increasingly organizations are outsourcing their business processes to offshore locations. The goals cited include cost savings, achieving strategic focus, alleviating skills shortages and seeking to implement best practices. Current reports from actual outsourcing case studies indicate that many organizational goals remain unfulfilled. This paper proposes(More)
Rheumatoid Arthritis is characterized by increased cardiovascular morbidity and mortality that cannot be fully explained by the presence of classical cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factors suggesting that novel risk factors may play a role. Evidence accumulated over the past decade points that uric acid (UA) may be one such novel CVD risk factor in(More)
Although knowledge management (KM) tools are well established in technical support organizations, health-care organizations have only recently become aware of their benefits. This research investigates whether health care should adopt the same tools taking into account the different KM requirements in the two industries. This study analyzes narratives from(More)
The results of a systematic literature review that investigated suicide intent are presented. Of the 44 relevant articles identified, 17 investigated the relationships between various suicide risk factors and suicide intent and 25 publications investigated the relationships between suicide intent and various suicide outcomes. Despite recent advancements in(More)