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Noscapine and its derivatives are important microtubule-interfering agents shown to have potent anti-tumor activity. The binding free energies (ΔG (bind)) of noscapinoids computed using linear interaction energy (LIE) method with a surface generalized Born (SGB) continuum solvation model were in agreement with the experimental ΔG (bind) with average root(More)
NF-κB, a master regulator of several signaling cascades, is known to be actively transported in the nucleus in response to various stimuli. Here, we found that NF-κB is associated with polymeric tubulin and co-localized with microtubules in MCF-7 cells. Using TN16, a known microtubule targeting agent, we found that microtubule dynamics plays a critical role(More)
Malignant growth of cells is a condition characterized by unchecked cellular proliferation, genetic instability and epigenetic dysregulation. Up-regulated HDAC (Histone Deacetylase) enzyme activity is associated with a closed chromatin assembly and subsequent gene repression, forming a characteristic feature of malignantly transformed cells. Novel(More)
INTRODUCTION Diseases caused by fungi and parasites are major illnesses in humans as well as in animals. Microtubule-targeted drugs are highly effective for the treatment of fungal and parasitic infections; however, several human parasitic infections such as malaria, trypanosomiasis and leishmaniasis do not have effective remedial drugs. In addition, the(More)
Tubulin, an α,β heterodimer, has four distinct ligand binding sites (for paclitaxel, peloruside/laulimalide, vinca, and colchicine). The site where colchicine binds is a promising drug target for arresting cell division and has been observed to accommodate compounds that are structurally diverse but possess comparable affinity. This investigation, using two(More)
This brief account looks at the discovery of the nature of cholera toxin in India. During the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries research on cholera was being carried out in Bombay and Calcutta. Robert Koch visited India in 1883 and isolated and purified vibrio cholera the following year.This paper considers the contribution of Dr Sambhu Nath De,(More)
BACKGROUND Microtubule dynamics plays a vital role in regulating crucial cellular functions and is one of the most attractive anticancer drug targets. Microtubule targeting agents (MTAs) such as the vinca alkaloids or taxanes, although are effective for cancer therapy, have adverse side effects. Another hindrance in their development is multiple drug(More)