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This paper proposes a robust multivariable predictive control algorithm that improves the robustness of closed loop systems, even when they have multiple time delays between the inputs and outputs. The desired robustness is achieved by including an appropriate filter on the disturbances model. The proposed algorithm is applied to the control of humidity and(More)
This paper proposes multivariable PI control strategies for humidity and temperature of neonate incubator loop This process is a TITO system (Two Input Two Output). The transfer function matrix was identified using closed loop step response through sequential method that decouples the TITO system into four independent loops. Models of three parameters were(More)
This work studies an automatic tuning technique of multivariable Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) controllers applied to a neonatal incubator. The method consists of the identification of a first order plus dead-time (FOPDT) model of a two-input and two-output (TITO) process and the utilization of this model to retune the PID controller. To perform(More)
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