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OBJECTIVE To investigate the anti-implantation effect and hormonal profile of 2-[piperidinoethoxyphenyl]-3-[4-hydroxyphenyl]-2H-benzo(b)pyran (K-1) in rats. DESIGN In vivo assays for anti-implantation activity were performed in pregnant rats. Assays for estrogenicity/antiesrogenicity were performed in immature ovariectomized female rats. In vitro(More)
Ovine lentivirus (OvLV), a retrovirus, infects and disseminates to various tissue organs via monocytes. The differentiation of infected monocytes into macrophages is a prerequisite for viral replication, and the presence of infected macrophages in tissue organs induces chronic immunopathology such as lymphoid interstitial pneumonia. The pulmonary(More)
To evaluate changes in complete blood cell (CBC) counts, haptoglobin and fibrinogen in ovine lentivirus (OvLV)-infected lambs treated with recombinant ovine interferon-tau (rOVIFN-tau), 24 lambs were allocated to one of four groups (n = 6 per group): (1) virus + rOvIFN-tau, VI, (2) virus + placebo, VP, (3) no virus + rOVIFN-tau, NVI, and (4) no virus +(More)
Ovine lentivirus (OvLV) belongs to the family Retroviridae and closely resembles the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Pulmonary lesions in OvLV-infected sheep consist of lymphoid interstitial pneumonia (LIP) and lymphocytic alveolitis. Similar pulmonary lesions occur in up to 40% of HIV-infected children and in some adults with AIDS. Interferon-tau(More)
Desferrioxamine mesylate (desferal) an iron chelating agent was investigated in anaesthetized standard haemorrhagic shock (HS) dogs with elective hypotension at 35 +/- 5 mmHg for 4 h and return of withdrawn blood (ROWB) thereafter. Observations were made in respect of serum iron elevation over 4 h and survival and recovery pattern over 72 h after ROWB.(More)
Studies on buffalo sperm capacitation have been limited because of the non-availability of a direct assay system. We describe two methods for detecting the acrosomal status of buffalo spermatozoa, namely chlortetracycline (CTC) fluorescence assay and Pisum sativum agglutinin (FITC-PSA) stain. We also test them under various treatment regimens and(More)
Goat sperm surface proteins obtained from purified plasma membrane (PPM) vesicles (purity of membrane checked by marker enzymes and transmission electron microscopy) were size fractionated on an fast protein liquid chromatography (FPLC) gel filtration column. All the seven surface proteins (129, 100, 46, 28, 27, 18 and 10 kDa) obtained were further(More)
Ovine lentivirus (OvLV), a retrovirus, causes lymphoid interstitial pneumonia (LIP) in sheep. Pulmonary alveolar macrophages are believed to play a central role in lung inflammation caused by this virus. The pulmonary intravascular macrophage (PIM), a recently identified inflammatory cell, is under active investigation for its role in lung pathology.(More)
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