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INTRODUCTION Stress fractures are common during military training but femoral neck stress fractures are uncommon and sometimes pose diagnostic and therapeutic challenges. An incomplete stress fracture with excellent prognosis, if left unprotected, can lead to displaced femoral neck fracture with almost 63% complication rate even with best of the treatment.(More)
Adamantinoma is an extremely rare primary bony neoplasm. Because of its malignant nature, accurate and early diagnosis is very important. On the other hand adamantinoma mimics many benign conditions, so it is doubly important to establish correct tissue diagnosis to avoid radical surgery with morbidities. Because of its rarity, diagnosing adamantinoma still(More)
Methods and Result: This is a single centre, prospective randomized trial between Verapamil, Nitroglycerine (GTN) and cocktail (Verapamil with GTN). All the patient undergoing coronary angiogram via radial approach, without the contraindication were randomized by a computer generated randomization protocol. Patient undergoing coronary procedures via the(More)
BACKGROUND Autologous hamstring grafts are commonly used for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. The injury of infrapatellar branch of saphenous nerve is one of the concerns leading to various pattern of sensory loss in the operated leg. An oblique incision to harvest the graft has been reported to be better than the vertical one.The aim of this(More)
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