Bishal Gole Tamang

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Complete inundation at the early seedling stage is a common environmental constraint for soybean production throughout the world. As floodwaters subside, submerged seedlings are subsequently exposed to reoxygenation stress in the natural progression of a flood event. Here, we characterized the fundamental acclimation responses to submergence and(More)
Plants require water for growth and development, but excessive water negatively affects their productivity and viability. Flash floods occasionally result in complete submergence of plants in agricultural and natural ecosystems. When immersed in water, plants encounter multiple stresses including low oxygen, low light, nutrient deficiency, and high risk of(More)
Increased application of nitrogen fertilizers has significantly raised grain yield and protein concentration in wheat. However, only 30–50% of applied fertilizer nitrogen are usually utilized by the plant. In this study, four soft red winter wheat genotypes (Triticum aestivum L., IL07-4415, MD05W10208-11-8, OH06-150-57 and Sisson) were grown under three(More)
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