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INTRODUCTION CEA and CA 19-9 are the most common tumor associated antigens used in the staging of patients with rectal cancer and other parts of the colon. GOAL of this study was to evaluate the value of CEA and CA 19-9 in serum of patients with colon cancer and prove its place in the diagnostic staging. MATERIAL AND METHODS The study was(More)
Immunoregulatory cytokines influence the persistence of hepatitis C virus chronic infection and the extent of liver damage. Interleukin-1 plays an important role in the inflammatory process. Some studies have demonstrated that IL-1 production was impaired in patients with chronic infections of hepatitis C virus, implying that IL-1 may play a role in viral(More)
THE GOAL The goal of this work was to give advantage to EUS as endoscopic method in diagnosis and following therapeutic treatment of pancreatic cancer in relation to radiological methods of CT and CTA. MATERIAL AND METHODS The study included 49 patients, 20 women and 29 men hospitalized at the Clinic for gastroenterohepatology, due to suspicion on(More)
INTRODUCTION Colorectal cancer is the major diagnostic and therapeutic problem. The number of patients in the world has increased recently. In our country it is detected late and patients visit doctor in the advanced stage of the disease with already developed metastases. MATERIAL AND METHODS A clinical study was conducted at the Clinic of(More)
INTRODUCTION Gastric cancer is one of the most common tumors in humans and is on the 14th place by frequency in the United States and it is at the 8th place by the mortality rate. In the world it takes seventh place by incidence. Today prevail the opinion and the surveys show, that it is twice as common in men as compared to women. Although there are(More)
INTRODUCTION Colorectal cancer is the third most common tumor which causes high percentage of mortality in the general population. Etiologic factors which cause this disease are various, while diagnostic methods involve very complex protocols from detection of tumor markers to a combination of endoscopic and imaging methods. GOAL To determine the number(More)
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