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PURPOSE A cohort study was carried out to test the hypothesis that higher vitamin D levels reduce the risk of relapse from melanoma. METHODS A pilot retrospective study of 271 patients with melanoma suggested that vitamin D may protect against recurrence of melanoma. We tested these findings in a survival analysis in a cohort of 872 patients recruited to(More)
We have carried out melanoma case-control comparisons for six vitamin D receptor (VDR) gene single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D(3) levels in order to investigate the role of vitamin D in melanoma susceptibility. There was no significant evidence of an association between any VDR SNP and risk in 1028 population-ascertained(More)
BACKGROUND Increased number of melanocytic nevi is a potent melanoma risk factor. We have carried out a large population-based case-control study to explore the environmental and genetic determinants of nevi and the relationship with melanoma risk. METHODS We report nevus phenotype in relation to differing patterns of sun exposure, inherited variation at(More)
AIM A melanoma case-control study was conducted to elucidate the complex relationship between sun exposure and risk. METHODS Nine hundred and sixty population-ascertained cases, 513 population and 174 sibling controls recruited in England provided detailed sun exposure and phenotype data; a subset provided serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D(2)+D(3) levels. (More)
We report the determinants of serum levels of vitamin D in a UK melanoma case–control study benefitting from detailed exposure and genotyping data. Sun exposure, supplemental vitamin D, and SNPs reported to be associated with serum levels were assessed as predictors of a single serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 measurement adjusted for season, age, sex, and body(More)
BACKGROUND Skin ageing is said to be caused by multiple factors. The relationship with sun exposure is of particular interest because the detrimental cutaneous effects of the sun may be a strong motivator to sun protection. We report a study of skin ageing in participants of an epidemiological study of melanoma. OBJECTIVES To determine the predictors of(More)
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